trust me man, I've been other candles.

"Dad always said this town could wreck a person. It’s what happens when you’re playing a rigged game. I convinced myself ‘winning’ meant getting out but in what world do you get to leave the ring and declare victory? This is where I belong, in the fight. It’s who I am. I’ve rolled around in the mud for so long, wash me clean and I don’t recognize myself. So, how about I just accept the mud and the tendency I have to find myself rolling in it? My name is Veronica and I’m an addict.”

  • mom:  don't eat the cookies yet, they just came out of the oven and are too hot
  • me:  fire cannot kill a dragon


river song meme

three badass moments [1/3]: 'My old fella didn't see that, did he? He gets ever so cross.'


an apple a day can keep anyone away if you throw it hard enough

Tulips at the market (by artchang)

Tulips at the market (by artchang)


rookie blue 30-day challenge:

day 6 - favourite relationship: sam/andy
a: “sam, i’m holding a bomb.” 
s: “so am i.” 


"mom im bleeding"

“oh sweetie there’s no need to be worried that’s just a sign that you’re becoming a woman”

“thank god, i was really starting to get worried about this axe in my shoulder”


how weird are giraffes tho. i bet if they didn’t exist, they would be way less reasonable than unicorns